Project 35 – Day 22

When I was 14 years old, my father showed me how to use his Hasselblad camera. I was terrified of holding something worth so much and was so important to him. But like everything else he tried to teach me, he told me not to be afraid until I actually broke it. Among so many other things I adapted from him, I’m extremely grateful for the sense of humor I developed. My dad wasn’t a photographer; he did it as a hobby because he traveled so much. He was a pro football player then an oil man and was one of the best in his business. I miss him terribly but am so thankful for the things I learned and the memories I have.
These are probably the two most important keepsakes I will ever own. His college football photo and the strap from that Hasselblad camera. Thanks dad, and I miss you tons 🙂

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