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The Elf Is Back!


Elf Fitness

A big “thank you” goes out to Scott at Lift Strong Run Fast for the hour of time you wasted and can never get back. 🙂

Sexi Candi

Elfoir! Oh c’mon. You knew this was gonna happen.

Candi + Dandy

Want to see some of my favorite engagement sessions? Let Candi and Dandy take you on the tour.

Let’s Let the Elf Kick Things Off!


Most of you who know me, know I have a little girl. She’s not quite 2 yrs old yet, but it hasn’t stopped me from introducing her to The Elf On The Shelf. Our Elf (who goes by Candi until the kiddo can pick a different name), has been the subject matter while having a lot of fun with my lenses. She’s definitely going places and doing things, so keep checking back to see what she does.