The Elf Is Back!


Project 365 – Day 33

Nothin’ quite as nice as cookies in Kroger when you’re feelin’ under the weather.

Project 365 – Day 32

The kiddo’s first cuff. She probably won’t get this until she’s 3, but I had to get it anyway. It’s precious.

Project 365 – Day 31

The “challenge” this week is sunrise/morning shots. However, I don’t seem to be getting a chance to shoot this because I’ve got a 2 yr old that’s already penciled me in her calendar during that time. Every. Single. Morning.

So, here’s a few sunset shots taken in my hood with the iPhone camera.

Project 365 – Day 30

She made a mask out of a tortilla. Yup, she’s definitely mine.

Project 365 – Day 29

These are the three turtles I saved the other day. I spotted them while I was driving down my street. Proud? Why, yes I am!

Project 365 – Day 28

Pop, her birthday dress, and a ton of balloons.


Project 365 – Day 27

Pop in my wedding dress.